She lives in this town where I know this kid (queefknot) wrote,
She lives in this town where I know this kid

Summer Skin

Settling into the mindset for a differnt sort of summer. Lots of work and lots of trips. There's a lot of decisions I have to make for myself that have been looming since this past November but they'll be made. This whole year has been just one long excersie in disconnecting from people. A slow turn to back toward the observational lifestyle of a curious adolescent. I went to go visit Deanna for her birthday which was AWESOME! But I'm remembering alot of what I expected in my life as a 22 year old. Everything from that year was eclipsed by a two week stint in the hospital. There are some more 21st and 22nd birthdays coming up for my close friends. I feel like I should be able to relate but it's difficult. What does it mean when I more closely relate to a teenager than a adult?

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